About Damchen Group of Hotels & Resorts

Damchen Group of Hotels & Resorts is one of the leading group in Bhutan with chain of hotels and resorts spread over all the major cities and towns of Bhutan. All the properties are location in prime locations. We strive towards providing traditional yet modern way of hospitality to our guests making the stay in this beautiful country a memorable one.

Damchen group of hotels and resorts has been operational since 2009 and has attained vast experience in hospitality management providing our guest with top quality hospitality and care. We have catered to travellers from around the globe and in the process learned a great deal on requirements of different travellers and how it can be met to make their stay a comfortable one. We strive to make it more remarkable and world class for which Damchen group of hotels and resorts welcomes hoteliers from around the world to partner with us through Bhutan's Foreign Direct Investment policy (FDI). We believe that such partnership or venture would enable us to provide world class hospitality services to our guest which has always been our priority and goal.

About Damchen Resorts

Located just beside the Puna Chu is one of the best resort in Punakha, central Bhutan. It has one of the best view and location and provides a calm and peaceful stay. Surrounded by lush green gardens, flowers and trees it gives you the feeling of being one with Nature. The surrounding hills adds to the scenic beauty of the himalayas and makes the overall experience a beautiful one.

Damchen resort has been designed to provide the guest with comfort and peaceful stay as each of the room has been carefully designed to capture the beauty of Punakha valley and Puna Chu river. All the rooms are spacious and carefully furnished with quality furniture, linen and tapestries.The rooms are divided into Oval Room (Deluxe), Puna CHu (Semi-Deluxe) and Standard.

Oval rooms are designed with an oval window to add to the beauty of the room with large glass windows through which the hills surrounding the Punakha valley and the majestic Puna Chu river flowing just few hundred feet away can be viewed. Interiors of the rooms are well furnished and best quality tapestries and linens are used. Soft and cozy queen size bed with side table makes this room a perfect stay for a sound and peaceful night.

Puna Chu rooms are designed to meet the demand for bigger groups where the number of beds are more than the oval rooms. It also has all the amenities of that of oval rooms and are equally spacious.

Standard rooms are designed in twin bed and single queen size bed to cater to single or couple travellers. It is spacious and finest linen and tapestries has been used in these rooms.

Satisfaction of our guest and a comfortable stay at Damchen Resort is what we strive to provide to our guest and to achieve that we have all the amenities of star hotels in our resorts. We also provide biking tours facility to our guest along with numerous other outdoor activities and this list will keep increasing as we strive towards making Damchen Resort on of the best in Bhutan which in its ability is already regarded the best by the travellers.